Intore Dancers

The Legendary Intore Dance in Rwanda


With the many Rwanda traditions and belief, Intore dance is the most colorful and wonderful to experience filled up with exciting songs and dance expressions. It’s now ages but Intore dance is still at it…

Is It Safe to Go on Self Drive in Rwanda?


A self-drive safari has become every holidaymakers' dream experience today but is it safe in Rwanda? Yes, Rwanda stands out as one of the very few safest and secure destinations in Africa and the world…

10 Less Known Cultural Sites to Visit in Rwanda


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How to Reserve Gorilla Permits for Uganda & Rwanda


Mountain gorillas are incredibly the most spectacular and the most sought after creatures. Worldwide, you can spot them in only the three countries; Uganda, Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo. Currently, there are fewer than…

Rwanda Car rental

Guide to Renting a Car in Rwanda


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Amazing Facts You Probably Don’t Know About Rwanda


Rwanda is also a very beautiful country situated in East Africa, and it’s included in the most liked and preferred destinations people must visit on the continent. Many people who have never been to Rwanda…

Volcanoes National Park Rwanda

Best 5 Places to Visit in Rwanda


For tourists, Rwanda is both a tropical paradise and an exciting cultural destination with attractions for all tastes, from primate holidays, mountain climbing, cool beach treats and outstanding hill views. The country looks small but full of huge…