Rwanda Tourism

Rwanda land of a thousand hills is becoming a major touristic country. Rwanda is much more than national parks, volcanoes and gorillas. There are many incontestably interesting things to see throughout the country, such as some wonderful views from the top of the hills and mountains, some historical sites, numerous lakes and cliffs, and the strikingly beautiful volcanoes. Safari lovers will also enjoy the specimens of the abundant mammals, zebra, waterbuck, topi, hippopotamus, workhog, impala, buffalo, elephants, etc.

Major airline companies fly to Rwanda from Europe and Africa. Several hotels of International class are available in Kigali, and other towns have a good reputation due to their comfort and the quality of service they offer.

The Rwanda Office of Tourism and National Parks will be happy to assist you with full information with respect to travel and accommodations in Rwanda.
Two prestigious prizes in the world thanks to the ORTPN.

On the tourism side: World Folklore Trophy, on the island of Majorca in Spain.
On the conservation side: The J.P. Getty Grand Prize, awarded by the W.W.F, for the Volcanoes National Park, which houses the greatest curiosity of the contemporary world, the almost human family intimacy, of the last families of mountain gorillas.

The ORTPN will make you discover:

The visit of the Gorillas in the Volcanoes National Park.
A track south of Akagera National Park.
Impressive tracks in the Nyungwe forest, ancient trees, a variety of primates, doves, chimpanzees and others.
In addition, the ORTPN offers you “le Touriste” its 54-seater bus, to criss-cross the whole country.

Volcanoes National Park:

The Volcanoes National Park of Rwanda, the first African park (created in 1925), is famous for its inhabitant, the mountain gorilla, gorilla beringei, an anthropoid today rare on our planet. This park is also home to other mammals, including elephants. Not only the encounter with the giant hosts of the park (hear the gorillas) will fill you with wonder in front of the grandiose work of nature, but also the contemplation from the top of the volcanoes of the landscapes both picturesque and varied through the thousand hills. will be a real delight for you. With regard to the reception infrastructure, the ORTPN offers a very wide range of hotels, including luxury hotels such as: Hotel Umubano, Hotel des Diplomates, Hotel des Kiyovu, Hotel Izuba Gisenyi, Hotel Regina, Hotel Guest House Kibuye.

Rwanda, land of a thousand hills:

Discover Rwanda, the country of a thousand hills, by this call coming from the heart of Africa, Rwanda invites you to admire its famous chain of “Ibirunga” volcanoes, its many lakes, its rivers, its green landscapes, its caves , its spring climate, its bewitching folklore, its original craftsmanship and above all the hospitality of its people ready to welcome you at any time.

Country of a thousand hills, Rwanda is also called country of perpetual spring.

It enjoys a sunny, stable and temperate climate all year round. Monthly temperatures average between 28°C and 25°C during the day and between 15°C and 13°C at night, while the annual average is 18°C.

The national parks, namely the Akagera National Park, the Volcanoes National Park and the Nyungwe Nature Reserve constitute the major asset and the pillar of the tourist offer of Rwanda.