There are lots of amazing places to visit in Uganda. The Republic of Rwanda is  constituted of 12 provinces of administration. Each Province is divided into a number of districts as shown below.

The old provinces of Rwanda Included the following;

  • Kigali City ( 8 Districts)
  • Kigali Ngali Province ( 10 Districts)
  • Gitarama Province ( 10 Districts)
  • Butare Province ( 10 Districts)
  • Gikongoro Province ( 7 Districts)
  • Ruhengeri Province ( 11 Districts)
  • Cyangugu Province ( 7 Districts)
  • Byumba Province ( 9 Districts)
  • Kibuye Province ( 5 Districts)
  • Umutara Province (8 Districts)
  • Gisenyi Province (10 Districts)
  • Kibungo Province ( 10 Districts)

Rwanda administrative divisions known as provinces where unites and finally divided into;

  • Kigali province
  • Western Province
  • Northern Province
  • Southern Province

Kigali City

With so many things to do in Kigali it’s hard to decide which to do first but all make a great introduction about Rwanda and its outstanding tourist attractions. Kigali has the most convenient international airport for Rwanda and Uganda especially for travelers who want to explore both countries. Kigali international airport offers many fan safari connections for Uganda and Rwanda. A day tour to Kigali Rwanda capital adds value to your safari in Rwanda or Uganda and most of Kigali tourist attractions are free of charge. Genocide Memorials, Church, markets, city buildings, clean streets, art galleries, rich culture, Rwanda historical sites and much more that you find interesting.

Volcanoes National Park

This is one of the top tourist attractions in Rwanda and a top Rwanda gorilla safari destination for gorilla tracking .Being a home to the mountain gorillas, volcanoes national is a choice destination for most travelers in Africa especially those on gorilla safari tours. The park presents a wide range of primate viewing experiences, hiking and volcano climbing. However, mountain gorillas make it one of the most unique national parks in Africa. Over the years, Volcanoes national park has attracted thousands from all walks of life including foreigners, locals, business travelers and researchers. And all rank it as the most adorable, convenient gorilla park in Africa.

Nyungwe Forest

The largest montane forest in East and Central Africa, Nyungwe is a place to find several primate species with chimpanzees as the prime tourist attraction. This natural beautiful forest filled with ancient trees and amazing forest habitants is your place to be for a perfect chimpanzee safari tour experience. Its very convenient for travelers tracking gorillas in Rwanda, Uganda and Congo. As  per conservation demand nature runs freely hence maintain some of the exotic primates and plant species. Magical waterfalls are the other natural park resource that symbolizes nature.Nyungwe forest is one of the few most populated chimpanzee grounds and a a place  to experience nature and the life of primates to  the fullest.

Lake Kivu

Lake Kivu is the main answer to the beaches of the Indian Ocean, this land locked country offers you the best sandy beaches, boating, fishing, wind surfing, sail boating, biking, nature walks, as well as cultural visits along or near Lake Kivu. This is a perfect lake where you can relax and chill out after Gorilla or chimpanzee tracking, volcano climbing, biking, as well as the Nile Congo Trail, adventuring Nyungwe forest and many more. The main great activity is the crop to cup coffee tour which takes you to an island on the lake. , the coffee preparation process, a Lunch with a coffee tasting.

Rwanda Genocide Memorial Sites;

Rwanda has got many victims of the Genocide of over 100 days of blood and tears during the 1994 Genocide that tore the country to shreds. Presently just like a phoenix coming from the ashes- as the slogan never again can be seen most anywhere and this message comes across as you come to visit Rwanda’s sacred places- which are the Genocide Memorials. These places are not so normal to see and do however, Rwanda is a message to all as to what happened when the world stands by, as the people are killed due to tribal crisis.

Kigali City

Kigali city is one of the friendliest chaotic cities in Rwanda with many things to do and see for the visitors and the tourists. Below are some of the must visit places with in Kigali city that will give your ideas as to why you are here. The former president Palace Museum, Genocide memorial, the Belgian Soldier Memorial, the Muslim Quarter with all of its sights and sounds, and many more. There are also the arts, crafts, great restaurants that offer good food, the Goat Brochettes as well as the Rwanda coffee in the coffee shops with in Kigali.


There is the pilgrimage to Kibeho; many people come each year not only to see the mountain gorillas but also for the great pilgrimage to the small town with in southern Rwanda. Kibeho was the place where some young people had visions of Mary appearing to them and also telling them of the genocide that was about to come in graphic terms. In 2001, Vatican validated the visions and the little town of Kibeho has become the Lourdes of Africa with the pilgrims not only from Rwanda and other African countries but from all over the world. This place was were some young people had visions of Mary appearing to them and also for the catholic visitors