Great Congo Nile Trail

This Congo Nile trail is along the famous Lake Kivu that extends from Rubavu and then goes through the Rustiro via the Karongi, the Nyamasheke districts and the end of Rusizi district. The trail is 227km and is filled with land scape that includes the clear water as well as the rolling hills. This trek can be completed in 0 days and can be done in sections for the travellers who donot have time to complete. The trail gives very stunning views of Lake Kivu and also gives the travellers a good way to discover Rwanda.

You can also enjoy biking along the Congo Nile trail and can be completed in 5 days with good views as well as the immersive cultural experiences along the way. This trail appeals to the travellers and is also a good way to adventure Rwanda. The trail can also be divided in case the guest’s don’t have time to complete the 5 days journey.

Even though you like this trail with the pedals, paddles, Rwanda Development Board will give you a well detailed map for free and any of their offices in Gisenyi, Musanze or in Kigali. This will help to point you in all the right directions, the walking times, elevation changes, as well as the camping facilities. RDB map is all you need to get from Gisenyi to Kamembe and everywhere. Even though you have the time to finish the 10 days, there is variety of the stretch of the trail and the map features and the trod sub trails at shagi, Pfunda, and Gisovu. There are also side trips from the trail as well as RDB that can help you blade over to the Nkombo Island and in case you want to extend your tour more.

When you are planning your tour, it might also seem like there are many options when it comes to adventuring the trail, but there is no any wrong way to it. With only 227km of the forest, plantations, villages and the visas over the lake, it also doesn’t matter in case you have 1 day or 10 days, you are sure to come out smiling.  Though the area has got security and the villages welcomes you along the way. The self-guided back packers can also hike the trail end to end with the supplies, a good map and confidence.

Biking can also be done along the trail and will also help you explore the trail in the shortest time possible. Biking is also a way of exploring the congo Nile Trail and have no shortage of the yellow cyclists and you will joined with other bikers. And for those that don’t have time and don.t want to miss a metre of this Congo Trail , can also do the tour on a bike and also cut the 10 day hiking time by more than half and RDB can come up with an itinerary for you. If you don’t have a bike, there are Special Mountain biking outfitters.

Hiking is also part of the Congo trail and there are twelve coffee washing stations, three cities, tea plantations, many villages as well as beaches, coves, waterfalls. The Congo Nile trail is also a paradise and gives some of the finest hiking that can be enjoyed in the east and central Africa. You can also enjoy camping along the trail, and there are over 8 serviced and well-marked campsites that are spaced along the Congo Nile rail and has also got basic accommodation at the coffee washing stations and a full range of guest Houses in the major towns.