Community Tourism

Community participation and sustainability:

Community based Tourism aims at involving the local people in the planning, decision-making and implementation of tourism development activities. This form of tourism assures that the benefits stay as much as possible in the local community.

The Communities are also involved in this project. The Tour Operators who are partnering with Rwanda Direct shall offer, together with the community their clients a cultural experience as well as the natural beauty of Rwanda.

Apart from the visits to the gorillas the forest there will be other possibilities like the bird watching tours and trekking in the mountains, added tours such as village walks, music and dance performances, discussions with traditional healers, exchange of traditions, & cultures or weaving a basket with the women shall be what one can experience together with the people of Rwanda.


The majority of the craft makers are women and part of the profit from the sales (at the campsites) remains in the communities and helps to improve livelihoods by funding schools, clinics and literacy program’s.
The handcrafts range from beautiful baskets and mats through woodcarvings, pottery to beeswax candles, handmade products & honey. The baskets are made from renewable natural fibers and dyes, in rural communities, many of which are adjacent to Rwanda’s National Parks.

Impact on Poverty Reduction:

There will be a vivid & positive impact on the socio economic development within the communities in the region thereby seen as an asset to poverty reduction as quite a number of the community shall be involved by planting and selling of fresh produce (vegetables, fruits, dairy and meat products), encouraging the entrepreneurs to open small gift shops and woodcraft articles.
This above trend will encourage parents and individuals to take up education and invest in the future of their young ones and help maintain this form of tourism as their “heritage”.