National Parks

Rwanda’s landscape is among the most attractive in Africa. From the low-lying plains,lakes and rivers, raised hills and  finally to the high peaked mountains scattered throughout the country. Due to he ever changing altitude, Rwanda national parks have got a diversity of wildlife, birds, aquatic animals and reptiles living in the savannah grasslands, swamps, lakes, rivers, shrubs, forest and mountain vegetation.

There are three national parks in Rwanda. These protected areas are rich with diverse flora and fauna.

List of National Parks

Rwanda protects its wildlife in three national parks.

Nyungwe Forest National Park

Nyungwe forest National Park is a tropical rain forest in South West Rwanda. This is known to be the largest track of montane forest with lots of wonders, get to take the canopy walk through the forest, and its 50 meters above the ground and above the tree tops.

There are 30 known hiking trails in the park, the early morning chimpanzee tracking, nature walks, tracking the Colobus monkeys that total to 200. There are many bird species, orchids, flowers, Afro Montane vegetation, as well as butterflies.

Nyungwe Forest supports the largest rain forest in Africa. The forest has chimpanzees inhabiting there that are the main attractions. It has approximately 260 tree species recorded and over 100  species of orchids and giant lobelias

This is one of the best place for chimpanzee tracking in Africa. You start early in the morning since sunrise is one hour earlier in Rwanda than in Uganda. The country of Rwanda is on the central African time. There is a chance of 90% of seeing the chimpanzees, but the success rate will increase when all the chimps are habituated. The tourists trekking the chimpanzees hare have no complaints, especially if they see a chimp group during their trek.

Volcanoes National Park

Volcanoes National park is located in Northern Rwanda and it’s the most visited park in Rwanda, there are so many things to do and see. This park lies in the Virunga mountains and hosts different families of mountain gorillas that can be seen on a safari to Rwanda by trekking up Mountain Volcanoes.

The Mountain Gorillas have to be tracked because they travel long distances looking for food and breeding areas. They keep migrating  away from Rwanda to either Uganda or Congo but the different families travel at different times.

You can easily spend one week in the park enjoying gorillas, golden monkey tracking, birding, volcanic climbing, nature walks, hiking, visiting the crater lakes, caving, visiting Dian Fossey research camp and the gravesite, as well as the Musanze cave and many more. This national park is the magnet that is drawing many people from all around the world to engage in the marvellous activity of tracking.

Akagera National Park

This park lies on the Tanzania border to Rwanda with River Kagera running through, six lakes and Mitumba Hills.

This is Rwanda’s only savannah wildlife park and it’s on border with Tanzania. It’s a stunning scenic and beautiful park where you go on day and night game drives, nature walks, boat tours, fishing, hikes, as well as the village visits. It is a home to many primates, birds. Fish and many aquatic plants and animal species.

It makes your visit to Rwanda more complete by giving you the African savannah adventure with its scenery and wildlife. You will also view some lions since they were recently introduced.