Things to Do

There are lots of things to do in Rwanda, the land of a thousand hills. From epic gorilla trekking in the Volcanoes National Park to cultural experiences, there is a lot that you can do while on holiday in Rwanda.

Mountain Gorilla Tracking

One of the most surprising things for safari travelers to discover about Rwanda is the fact that uniquely, Rwanda is home to rare mountain gorillas, and variety of many forest habitants that harbor in volcanoes national park. No matter what other countries offer in Africa but Rwanda gorillas have always been the best among gorilla safari spots in the world.The activity can be enjoyed any time of the year provided time and money permits-January- December. A trip to volcanoes national park offer opportunities of tracking golden monkeys, hiking Rwanda volcanoes of Bisoke and Karisimbi and taking a nature walk to lake Bulera and Ruhundo.

Wildlife Viewing

Imagine yourself in the less explored wildlife reserve on earth after the reintroduction of all the missing wildlife species-Lions and black Rhinos.I believe a trip to Akagera national park in Rwanda is one to the world premier destination. The park combines wildlife and nature and birders find it home. The best way to explore this park is spend a minimum of three days, two nights under natural surrounding and beauty.

Chimpanzee trekking and canopy walk

Nyungwe forest national park is a refuge to two chimpanzee communities, which have been habituated for trekking.  One community (the largest with over 60 members) resides in the main Nyungwe forest while the other one (smaller with roughly 30 members) live in Chamudongo forest.  Hiking to meet chimpanzees last for 30 minutes to 2hrs and travelers are alerted by their deafening screams, hoots and laughs from a far distance making it easy to trace their locations. Also, expect to see other animals such as red tailed monkeys, silver monkeys, L’Hoest monkeys, Adolf Friedrich’s Angola colubus and many bird species among others.  Still in Nyungwe take part in the famous canopy walk, which provide you with spectacular views of the forest 60 meters above.  Chimpanzee’s share roughly 99.8% of human DNA which make them man’s closest relatives. Travelers are impressed by their human like characters such as how adult females nurse infants, nursing of infants , the way they eat, laugh and communicate to each other.

Golden monkey trekking

After gorillas and chimpanzees try out the golden monkeys, the most playful and lively creatures that keep you a wake in Volcanoes national park. In the whole of Africa, golden monkeys reside only in two national parks of Rwanda’s Volcanoes and Uganda’s Mgahinga gorilla national park.   Interestingly, hiking to see golden monkeys is not strenuous like the gorillas but the experience is surely memorable.

Cultural Tour in Rwanda

One of the most exciting tour adventures in Rwanda is culture. You find yourself laughing and smilingly just looking at different culture performances especially the dancing and singing. This takes back in the ancient and draws all your a tension to the local Rwanda people.Howeevr some cultural sites in Rwanda allow visitors to engage in some culture activities and get details about the Rwanda locals and their traditions. let the rich Rwanda culture be one of the reasons for your return  to Rwanda sometime in the future.


Bugesera reconciliation village

Despite the hatred of genocide, the people of Rwandese have been brought back together and several reconciliation villages established. In this village, all people stay together despite who killed who in the genocide or the difference in their tribes. All residents here are victims of the genocide who had lost their property and everything during the fight.   Travelers who visit this village are told the in-depth history of the genocide, what were the causes, how it started and how innocent people were left widows, widowers, orphans and homeless with no mercy.  The reconciliation village is just 1-hour drive from Kigali international airport in Mbyo Bugesera district. Other reconciliation villages include Rweru, Kageyo, Mwili, Ngoma, and Kabarondo village in Kayonza district. A visit to any of these villages rewards you with great and extensive knowledge of how far Rwanda has come from into a strong and peaceful country.

Kigali city tour

A city tour in Kigali is an introduction and gateway to all Rwanda safaris.  Kigali is known for is cleanness and well organized streets in the city center.  Kigali is an exceptional city free from chaos, noise garbage, empty bottles and polythene bags, which make it unique from other African cities. The quietness within the city center despite the ongoing businesses, well functioning traffic lights and jam free roads make it interesting to drive in the streets of Kigali. Additionally, travelers are blessed with spectacular views of rolling hills, wetlands and water bodies in the neighborhood. For travelers interested in conferences and meetings, Kigali hosts the biggest regional conference center (Kigali convention center), the best place to for meetings, incentives, events and conferences. Visit shopping malls and local markets with in the city for what ever you want at affordable prices.

Leisure Activities in Lake Kivu

It’s better to talk about the amazing leisure activities on Lake Kivu when you are there because it a place shouldn’t miss exploring while in Rwanda.The ambience is breath taking, cool views,  fan entertainment, beach setting. Sun bathing socking toes in water, swimming, fishing, boat ride are some of few things you will enjoy all throughout your stay. It’s a remarkable place quiet and nice for all people of all ages.

Conclusively therefore, be part of a Rwanda safari and witness the far the once horrified country has transformed into the most beautiful and unique tourism destination.