Rwanda Car rental

Guide to Renting a Car in Rwanda


Having a nice vacation in any place is every traveler’s top priority and there are some traveler items you have to put in place to make your vacation wonderful that is a nice accommodation facility, exciting tourism destination and also a comfortable and reliable transportation mean.

Let’s concentrate on transportation and for that case most travelers use car rentals for traveling in foreign countries like Rwanda. But however much experience you have in traveling, there is always information you need to do know about car rental services and to get that information, the traveler has to ask some important question to get the answers and these are follows:

What types of cars are for hire? Car rental companies have fleets of car of different types that is sedans, safari vehicles, SUVs, luxury cars, mini vans, buses and compact cars. So when the car rental agent discloses the cars for hire you will get to know what type of car best suits you.

What are the prices per day for each kind of car? Car rentals attach different prices to different types of cars. Usually big and luxury cars come with a big price and compact ones come with a small price. By knowing the prices of the cars, you will know which car fits in your budget of travel. It will be up to you to choose the car that fits in your billing.

What are the complementary services attached to the rental car and their prices? There are always facilities provided with the rental cars to make the clients travel safe, comfort and sound. These include the GPS navigator for self drive safari Rwanda, baby seat in case you are traveling with a kid, a chauffeur in case you want to be driven. A good company should have the complementary service to rental cars.

What is the insurance coverage of the rental car? Most competent car rental agencies in Rwanda provide comprehensive insurance on their rentals and this make the client less liable of any damage that may happen to the car while driving. The insurance should always be well explained to the client where he/she is liable to the damages caused on the car and where is not liable for the damages that happen. Third party insurance should also be covered on the car where by the car is protected against any social hardship it may cause while driving it.

What are the costs included in the car rental package? The car rental company gives its client an invoice of the expenses to be covered for car rental services but sometimes some costs are not included while booking and the client is caught by surprise when making a payment on the counter of the car rental agency. The traveler should always tell the car rental provider to include all the expenses in the quotation of the car rental package.

What is the method of payment for the car rental services? Rwanda car rentals have different means of payment of their services that is by cash or electronic transfer that is credit or visa card system or swift code system. In addition, the client has to know the currency he/she has to pay for the car rental services. In Rwanda, the clients can either payment in dollars or Rwanda Francs

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