Amazing Facts You Probably Don’t Know About Rwanda


Rwanda is also a very beautiful country situated in East Africa, and it’s included in the most liked and preferred destinations people must visit on the continent. Many people who have never been to Rwanda always get biased after reading about the country since what comes first in their minds is the Rwanda genocide yet it happened 20 years ago. With this many travelers are usually discouraged to visit Rwanda not knowing how adventurous the country has become. Let’s try to show you some truth about Rwanda that you know about.

 Best Place to See the mountain gorillas:

Rwanda is known for its fantastic mountain gorilla tours and these are so amazing and Rwanda has got more primates and wildlife to offer rather than the mountain gorillas. They include the chimpanzees in Nyungwe forest National Park and the golden monkeys are found in volcanoes National park. As similar to the mountain gorillas, the chimpanzees are very close relatives of the human beings with over 98% DNA similar to that of the humans. Within Rwanda, these primates can be tracked in Nyungwe Forest National park that is situated in south western Rwanda were they live in groups of their close relatives.


The chimpanzee diet is also comprised of the plant leaves, shoots and wild fruits and these usually move from one place to another I search for food and new resting places. The chimps tracking in Rwanda is also very adventurous as so rewarding and the best advantage of it is that there is no time limit of the chimps encounter while in the wild. A tourist can also be with them for long unlike the mountain gorillas whose meeting is just limited to one hour.

Golden Monkeys

The golden monkeys are also other impressive primates that live in the jungles of volcanoes National park in Rwanda. It’s covered with a black fur with a golden like fur, golden monkeys are also endangered primate species. These live in groups of about 30 and feed on the plants, bamboo, leaves, the wild fruits and the small insects. Tracking these primates in volcanoes national park is so enjoyable and also gives great wildlife experiences.

Impressive Wildlife in Akagera

There are also savanna wildlife animals in Akagera National park that is situated in eastern Rwanda and this is the only place where you can enjoy game drives as you view many animals like the giraffes, zebras, lions, elephants and many more. Wildlife safaris offer more exclusive adventures while in Rwanda.

Very Safe Destination for Travel

Rwanda is also very safe for the visiting tourists, even though Rwanda was seriously hit by the Rwanda genocide in 1994, the country is now very safe for the tourists. The country since the end of the genocide has not had cases of insecurity. The Rwandese genocide was so disastrous and many people lost their lives but Rwanda has recovered from its deadly past. Currently, there are many genocide sites with the history of the genocide and some of the remaining of the people who were killed, so a visit to the one of the genocide sites can make you realize how Rwanda government has successfully fought the insecurity in the country.

Local Brew Producer

The country has also got fine made local brews. Rwanda is an agricultural country which grows many crops like tea and coffee from where various beverages are made. What’s interests more about the beverages of Rwanda is that they are made in the presence of tourists and therefore a tourist going for the coffee adventures leaves the plantations and plants after tasting locally made coffee or tea.

Kigali is the Cleanest City

Kigali is also among the cleanest city in Africa. Kigali has over the years been a very modal city in terms of organization and cleanness. The most vital step the government of Rwanda took was the banning of plastic bags from the country and also discouraged littering of the rubbish anyhow. This is also called the Omuganda day that happens on the last Saturday of every month where all the Rwandan citizens of each class are supposed to engage in general cleaning.

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