Is It Safe to Go on Self Drive in Rwanda?


A self-drive safari has become every holidaymakers’ dream experience today but is it safe in Rwanda? Yes, Rwanda stands out as one of the very few safest and secure destinations in Africa and the world for holidaymakers to enjoy a self-drive tour.

Embarking on a self-drive in Rwanda gets you the most of country’s unique experiences and adventure of your own. It is amazing exploring and experiencing Rwanda on self-drive as you get to experience its hidden treasures.

Planning for your self-drive in Rwanda 2021

Conduct thorough research about Rwanda and the best sites to explore

A self-drive in Rwanda is more of adventure and to have such an ultimate experience, thorough research must be conducted. It is essential to take note that not all areas/destinations are ideal for a self-drive tour in Rwanda. However, most of them are free, safe and secure for solo travelers to explore on a self-drive safari.

Despite the dark history brought about the 1994 Rwandan genocide, Rwanda still remains safe and secure. Generally, self-drive, driver guided tours, city expeditions, game viewing, gorilla trekking, chimpanzee safaris are all safe.

Observe the road signage

While on a road trip, the road signages are must to observe at all times. When driving, do it defensively and keep within the minimum speed limit as per the area, carry along with you the valid driving documents, protect all the valuables, do not drive at night and others.

Find a professional driver guide at the airport

Once you get done with the check up at the airport, your professional driver guide will be waiting to give a warm welcome to you and later, you begin your trip to a destination of your choice. Or the driver guide will hand over the keys of your self-drive rental car for you to kick start your road trip.

Safety & security starts with you

Whether it is on a solo or driver guided tour, your safety begins with you. Keep every valuable safe or at the hotel and upon arrival, the thorough check up can be done to ensure all is safe.

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